Aboriginal student support

We have two specifically employed staff to work with Aboriginal students under the guidance of the Aboriginal Education Action Team. These are an Aboriginal Student Mentor and a Aboriginal School Learning Support Officer.

The mentor role has been developed over several years to provide learning support and  engagement opportunities, liaison with Aboriginal families, community and  agency and to promote and support Indigenous events. 

Gary Olive

We are committed to closing the achievement gap for Aboriginal students. We know that we need to learn about, nurture and value the cultural identity of our Aboriginal students in order to assist them to be successful learners.

We welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family members, parents and community members to our school so that we can get to know each other, learn about the local Aboriginal community and develop shared goals and plans for Aboriginal students.


Personalised Learning is a Priority at FISC

Each Aboriginal student has a Personalised Learning Plan. The plan is reviewed individually with each student during term one each year. Student progress is closely monitored in the context of the broad spectrum of family, community and cultural interests as well as their academic progress and vocational engagement.

All students have the opportunity to participate in the highly successful AIME program.


We Value our Strong Community Connections.

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