VIVO Points

Students at Five Islands Secondary College can earn VIVO points in return for outstanding attendance, behaviour, or extra credit study.

These points can be exchanged for retail gift vouchers, or for food/drink at the canteen.

See staff in the Learning Support faculty for more information. You can also download the following document which explains the VIVO points system and how it can be used: VIVO Points (pdf 687 KB)

More information about the VIVO points system can be found at the official web site.

Achievement contributes positively to a student's wellbeing, and can contribute to a student's confidence and self-esteem. It can help to foster student self-discipline and effort, encourage students to stretch themselves and take risks in their learning. Achievement fosters positive emotions which can build further engagement and effort.

Positive relationships foster connectedness and feelings of belonging and are essential for wellbeing. These relationships are characterised by constructive interactions that provide enthusiastic and genuine support. They are important because they help us to build social and emotional skills and in turn nurture other positive, caring and respectful relationships.

FISC promotes positive achievement through the VIVO point system.