English - Advanced

A subject designed to provide students who have a particular interest and ability in the subject with challenging learning experiences and opportunities to enjoy the breadth and variety of English texts, through the integration of the modes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing.

The Preliminary and HSC English (Advanced) courses are designed for students to become critical and sophisticated users of English in order to enhance their personal, social and vocational lives.

These courses foster an appreciation of aesthetic values and provide students with opportunities for enhancing their understanding of literary expression. Students explore the different ways in which texts rewrite and represent conventions used in other texts, and they consider how these representations achieve meaning. They learn that different ways of reading may produce different meanings and may reflect attitudes and values.

  • The study of Shakespearean Drama is mandatory.
  • The Advanced Course places larger emphasis on independent learning skills.

Extension English students must be enrolled in the Advanced Course.

EXTENSION 1 UNIT ENGLISH** (HSC and Preliminary) is a subject designed to provide further opportunity for students with a special interest in English or who may be considering further study at a tertiary level. The subject covers independent investigation, sustained composition and theorising on values and complex ideas presented in texts. Students who successfully complete the Preliminary subject are able to enrol in the HSC Extension 1 and Extension 2 subjects.

EXTENSION 2 UNIT ENGLISH** (HSC only) consists of an independent project chosen by the student. The project could be a creative text or a critical analysis of texts.

** Dependent on enrollment interest – may also be offered through Distance Education with a teacher mentor.