Timber Products & Furniture Tech

Industrial Technology: Timber products & Furniture seeks to raise students' awareness of the interaction between technology, industry, society and the environment, and to develop their ability to make value judgements about issues, decisions and problems arising from this interaction. Students achieve this by applying practical experiences to the study of the technology, management and organisation of industry.

Some of the key outcomes of this course are as follows. The student will be able to:

  • competently use and justify the selection of the most appropriate additional materials, adhesive, fittings and finishes in the timber based Major Project
  • select and use construction techniques and timber joints appropriate for timber projects
  • describe and sketch different parts of the assembly process and explain their importance
  • describe and apply principles of economical use, sustainability, plantation and ‘green' timbers, minimising waste and pollution

The major project will weighting of 60% towards the final HSC mark with a breakdown of 40 marks for the project itself and 20 marks for the project folio.