Metals and Engineering

The Metal and Engineering Curriculum Framework provides an opportunity for students to gain a Certificate or Statement of Attainment towards nationally accredited qualifications as part of their HSC. Apart from being nationally recognised, qualifications articulate into higher-level qualifications including traineeships and apprenticeships in the manufacturing, engineering and related services industries which students may pursue post-school.

The manufacturing, engineering and related service industries include a wide range of industry sector. Working in the metal and engineering industry involves:

  • Constructing, assembling, installing, modifying, repairing and maintaining machines
  • Assembling, making parts, equipment, machines, instruments and tools
  • Designing machinery, parts, computer hardware and electronic circuits, using 3D graphics and drafting skills
  • Managing clients and staff, overseeing quotas and information, leading projects

Personal protective equipment is a compulsory for this course and must be supplied by the student.

There is a compulsory structured work placement integrated into this course work.