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Last updated 11:49 AM on 15 September 2014

One in four kids over the age of 12 has significant depressive symptoms.

For girls, depression generally appears between the ages of 11 through to about 14. For boys, depression generally appears between 12 and 16.

Signs your child may be suffering from depression

If you see a number of these problems starting to develop, it's time to ask the question, could this be a more significant emotional disturbance than general teenage moodiness or attitude?

  • A persistently bad, often irritable mood
  • withdrawal
  • not experiencing pleasure
  • not reacting to the environment the same way
  • sleep disturbance
  • changes in behaviour, changes in sleep and appetite, and the persistence of that state for more than a few days in a row, typically for some weeks
  • doing badly at school
  • not joining in with other social activities with other kids and withdrawing from peers
  • abusing drugs and alcohol
  • self-harm.

PODCAST: Go to the School A to Z website and listen to brain and mind specialist Professor Ian Hickie chat with James O'Loghlin on helping kids beat the blues. (There is also a transcription of the conversation.)