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Last updated 2:52 PM on 29 May 2017

Five Islands Secondary College proudly presented the UOW STEM Road Show 2017.


Almost 100 students came together from different schools to collaborate and share in the UOW STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experience.





On the 18th May 2017, Five Islands Secondary College partnered up with the UOW STEM Road Show to become a host school and deliver a well-received program.

Students from across the southern network of the Illawarra were invited to participate in the joint initiative. However, the STEM program is not a new program and had sadly lost its funding and was placed in the Sydney region as of 2017. 

A subsidisation was negotiated to allow the students to access the valuable program for just $10. Staff collaborated across schools to ensure information was consistent and the event was hosted in a manner that was easily accessible.

Students engaged in skills such as collaboration to solve technical, mechanical, structural and biological problems presented to them. 

PwC Australia recently released an article predicting that in 5-10 years approximately 65% of the workforce will require STEM skills. Alarmingly, only 16% of students are electing to study STEM degrees, of these only 25% are female.

The program designed by Bob Whewhy aims to present STEM in a positive way that allows students to engage and discover the benefits and opportunities that STEM careers can offer them in the future.